We deliver first class service and technology. GWC, makes available to you a state of the art electronic link to view your audition. You can download files within minutes utilizing the internet from anywhere in the world. During the audition, we have the technology to immediately play back and review the current performances on-the-spot. Easy access to stored files from previous auditions allows you to instantly view and compare sessions.

Garth Williams can personally garner the best auditions from talent using state of the art technology saving you time and money. Due to an excellent working relationship with Agency Executives, top Talent Agents and Production Personnel he has the ability to align the creative side of casting with the business aspects of our industry. Garth prides himself in partnering successfully with the director and the creative team to achieve their vision.

GWC is dedicated to exceeding your expectations by keeping within your timeline and budget.

Administrative Services:

  • All SAG & AFTRA Station 12 and Taft- Hartley paperwork completed
  • Post Casting follow-up services


Competitive casting fees based on industry standards and customized to fit your project and budget.