Acting Classes.

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Acting Classes in Phoenix

At Garth Williams Casting and Development, we build and develop the local casting pool through casting workshops and acting classes in Phoenix. We use our deep knowledge of the industry to train up working actors and acting hopefuls.  Jan and Garth bring a combined 40+ years of experience from their time as successful actors, acting coaches, and casting directors, and they want to share their knowledge with you!

Improv I

In this class, you will gain confidence, learn to be in the moment, tap into your intuitive skills and tell a compelling story.

Self-Submission Coaching

Are you self-submitting for film, television and commercial audition opportunities on casting websites? We offer personalized coaching and direction to help you optimize your results! Look and act like a pro!

Improvisation II

More and more auditions call for talent with a wide range of improvisational skills and experience. In this class you will gain confidence, learn to be in the moment, tap into your intuitive self and tell a compelling story you will have a lot of fun.

On-Camera Commercial Workshop

Improve and expand your commercial auditioning skills now! Learn by performing the latest commercial scripts on-camera. Receive personalized coaching from casting director Garth Williams.

Voice Acting II

For more experienced voice actors, continue to hone your craft under the teaching of Jan Williams. Prepare for your professional voice work jobs.

Voice Acting I

Learn the art and technology of performing voice over work. Learn to identify and understand your own strengths and apply it to your unique, identifiable sound.